The Dreaded Exit: Why Customer Retention is Broken and How Machine Learning is Fixing It

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About The Dreaded Exit

Retention is the ability to keep existing customers. It’s also a process—a set of activities and actions that businesses take to reduce the number of customer cancellations. And for most businesses, retention is broken.

Here’s the good news: It doesn’t have to be this way. Thanks to new advancements in machine learning, businesses can now retain cancelling customers and improve retention rates by as much at 80%. 

As the subscription business becomes more competitive, companies need every advantage they can muster. If you’re ready to dive deep into a topic that most of your competitors will gladly gloss over, then this ebook is for you. 

Chapters in this ebook

The Underrated Value of Retention and Churn

Why Customer Retention is Broken

Reinforcement Learning and Smart Retention

Using the Bellwethr Retention Engine

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